We are pleased to announce that both the Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute (CGTI) and Operation Snowball have their own, individual Web sites!

As both organizations have a large amount of information to share, this is an important next step to continue developing quality programming to empower our youth to make healthy choices, lead drug-free lives, and become great leaders.

CGTI is an intensive, in-residence leadership institute sponsored by the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health (IABH). CGTI is an award-winning program that offers opportunities for teens around the state to learn about leadership, healthy choices, and working with others to create better communities.  Learn more about our mission at: cg-ti.org


Operation Snowball, an affiliate of Illinois Association for Behavioral Health (IABH), is an alcohol and other drug use prevention program based in Springfield, Illinois focusing on leadership development to empower youth to lead drug-free lives.  Visit operationsnowballinc.org to learn more about this dynamic program.